Culp Lake

Special thanks to the family and friends who volunteered their time to help, and to Stan the Man with a Plan -- he'll be back next year!
Steve & Kris Culp

Contact us:
Steve Culp at  937.399.0085 or

Our featured car this time belongs to Steve Wagner of Columbus, Ohio. It's a 1958 Edsel Ranger that he has had for about 5 years. It's got a completely stock 352 ci engine. He drove it here from Columbus with the other folks who came here from Lancaster. Steve said that he makes it to about 30 shows per season. He also tells us that he has an automotive museum, and he likes to feature vehicles that are in some way or another "unusual." Kris and I plan to visit sometime in the near future. We'll check it out and take some pictures to post on this site. Steve says that we will definitely see him and a larger number of nice cars from the eastern Ohio area here next time. So thanks for coming, Steve, and we look forward to seeing you at the next Culp Lake show. 

We'll keep changing the featured car on the home page, so keep coming back!

Want to see video from the 
ALS group challenge at the show? 
Click on the Cool Stuff tab for a link.

Thanks to the sponsors of the 2014 Show & Shine at Culp Lake:
Rock Auto
Speedway Motors
Summit Racing
Surf City Garage
Rick and Holly Denner


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