Culp Lake

Mark Your Calendar:
Sunday, August 30,
Show & Shine
at Culp Lake!

Contact us:
Steve Culp at  937.399.0085 or

Our featured car this time is Jim Powers’ 1923 Dodge Brothers Touring Car. The car has been in his family for two generations, since 1956. Several years ago, Jim put the car through a complete rotisserie restoration. The 4-cylinder engine has 212 ½ cubic inches. It has a 12-volt positive ground electrical system.  The engine has what was called “a silent starter,” which is actually a starter/generator all in one. The car has 32” x 4” wheels and two rear wheel  brakes;  the shoes are on the outside of the drums. Most parts are very difficult to come by, but Jim got new spark plugs right off the shelf at NAPA! He’s also working on restoring a 1957 Tbird. Jim says he hopes to make it back to Culp Lake this September. We were proud to have Jim’s car at the show! 

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